Deposition Aid/Drift Control Agent

CHS Acuvant™ is an NPE-free oil emulsion deposition and drift management agent specifically designed to suppress off-target drift of spray applications.
CHS Acuvant contains a highly refined soybean oil that improves the performance and handling characteristics versus traditional oil emulsion formulations. CHS Acuvant improves the uniformity and density of spray droplets. CHS Acuvant maximizes deposition by increasing droplet size and maintaining a more uniform spray pattern. CHS Acuvant can be used with air assist and conventional spray nozzles. CHS Acuvant will improve the performance of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides by increasing canopy penetration and deposition, improving humectancy and maintaining uniform droplet size.

Principal Functioning Agents

Modified vegetable oil, refined
soybean oil, polyoxyethylene
sorbitan fatty acid ester… 96.2%

Constituents ineffective as a spray adjuvant… 3.8%

TOTAL… 100%

All ingredients are exempt from
tolerance requirements under
40 CFR 180.

Application Directions

Add CHS Acuvant to the spray tank after all other tank mix partners have been added to the tank. Avoid mixing with other undiluted products in an induction cone or any other container.


  • Ground: 3-4 oz/A
  • Aerial: 2-3 oz/A


Fungicides and Insecticides:

  • 2-3 oz/A

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case 265 gal tote

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