Feeding Your Crops

We know how critical it is for you to have the fertilizer you need, when you need it. We work hard to provide you with a competitively-priced, dependable fertilizer supply, along with the recommendations and services you need to profitably raise healthy crops, season after season.

Crop Nutrient Products

Achieve vigorous growth and yields at low cost. XLR-rate® liquid fertilizers from CHS can be safely used in close proximity to the seed, roots and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency.

N-Edge® reduces nitrogen loss, providing a valuable window of time for rain, irrigation or incorporation to move fertilizer to the root zone before volatilization occurs.

N-Edge®  It helps you keep nitrogen available longer in the root zone, providing greater opportunity for healthy crops that will reach their maximum yield potential.

CHS Aventine Complete has a unique chelation agent that prevents micronutrients like iron, copper, zinc and manganese from binding up in soil.

Makes phosphorus, zinc and other key micronutrients more available to the plant. Enhanced nutrient availability increases early growth, overall plant health, and ultimately yield.

Has three modes of action: it unlocks nutrients in the soil, it allows the nutrients to stay available for longer, and is mobile in the plant for season-long activity.

the first fertilizer additive specifically designed for broadcast phosphorus application, safeguards your costly fertilizer investment.

recommended as a foliar applied fertilizer for use on alfalfa, corn, peanuts, potato, soybeans, sugar beets, cereals, cotton or any food or fiber crop where the addition of one or more of the nutrients contained.

CHS Rapid Up™ 10-52-10 is a fast-acting formula that promotes early root growth as well as shoots and leaves in young plants. An excellent product for transplanted crops whether applied through soil or foliar application.

CHS Rapid Up™ Corn Mix is a balanced formulation containing zinc and boron for foliar application on corn. It also contains manganese to improve photosynthesis after herbicide applications.

CHS Rapid Up™ 20-20-20 is a balanced, high-analysis formula which is the ‘workhorse’ in most growing operations. The 1:1:1 ratio offers a continual supply of nutrients for use on a wide variety of crops.

CHS Rapid Up™ Bean Mix is a premium foliar mix that is used to provide several vital micronutrients to soybeans and other crops. The balanced formula contains boron, iron, manganese and sulfur in levels that improve yield and repairs damage from herbicide sprays.

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