Nonionic Surfactant | Drift Control Agent | Deposition Aid

  • CHS Aventineā„¢ Complete contains a broad range of nutrients that are necessary to enhance plant growth, increase early season root development and correct nutrient deficiencies in order to maximize yield potential.
  • CHS Aventine Complete has a unique chelation agent that prevents micronutrients like iron, copper, zinc and manganese from binding up in soil.
  • CHS Aventine Complete is a low salt, premier formulation making it extremely safe on seed thus eliminating risk of injury or yield loss.
  • CHS Aventine Complete may be used as a soil or foliar application to any food or fiber crop where the addition of one or more of the nutrients contained in CHS Aventine Complete would be beneficial.
  • CHS Aventine Complete is a superior blend of macronutrients and micronutrients that is ready to apply to crops.
  • Analysis: Grade 6-12-2+.05Cu+.30Fe+.05Mn+1Zn
  • Typical use rate with starter fertilizer program is 1-5 gal/A.
  • Typical use rate for foliar application is 1-3 gal/A.

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case, 275 gal

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