Protect your fertilizer investment against leaching and denitrification

Keep nitrogen in its place and create an efficient nitrogen source for your crops with N-Edge® Soil nitrogen stabilizer from CHS. It helps you keep nitrogen available longer in the root zone, providing greater opportunity for healthy crops that will reach their maximum yield potential.

N-Edge® Soil helps you fine-tune your fertility programs, protect against groundwater contamination, reduce greenhouse gases, and grow more from every pound of fertilizer.

Reduce loss of nitrogen from the soil

N-Edge® Soil contains the proven active ingredient dicyandiamide (DCD). Research has demonstrated the value of DCD as a nitrification inhibitor, and trials show a positive economic return from stabilizing urea and ammonium nitrogen. 

N-Edge® Soil reduces nitrogen loss in three ways:

  • Helps prevent leaching (movement and loss of nitrate below the root zone by rain and irrigation water due to negatively-charged soil and organic matter particles repelling nitrate).
  • Helps prevent denitrification (soil microbes converting nitrate to a gaseous form, which can then be lost to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas).
  • Helps slow transformation of ammonium to nitrate (holding nitrogen for a longer time in a form that’s less susceptible to leaching).

Protecting nitrogen at the root zone is especially critical for:

  • Wet or poorly drained soils
  • Tile-drained soils
  • Coarse, sandy soils
  • Heavier soils that are traditionally cultivated

Improving nutrient management

Up to 35 percent of your nitrogen investment can be lost by leaching and/or denitrification. Typical spring conditions (warm and wet) increase the chance for nitrogen losses, which means less nitrogen may be available for the crop during intense growth stages. N-Edge® Soil helps reduce nitrogen losses, providing a better nitrogen supply for early growth, yield optimization and plant health.

The active ingredient in N-Edge® Soil temporarily inhibits the activity of soil bacteria that carry out the conversion of ammonium to nitrate. Ammonium is held by soils, improving nitrogen supply to the plant and avoiding nitrogen losses. In addition, ammonium nutrition can benefit overall plant nutrition by reducing pH in the soil near the root zone, which leads to better phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper and silicon nutrition.

Superior formulations and stewardship

N-Edge® Soil contains an effective penetrating agent that ensures its proven active ingredient, DCD, spreads throughout the treated fertilizer granule for maximum effectiveness.

The product provides superior handling because it dries faster, covers better and enables treated fertilizer to flow better. In addition, the product’s bright blue color makes it easy to see where treated fertilizer has been applied, helping to ensure nutrients are in the right place.

Increase nitrogen efficiency

Combined with urea or urea-containing fertilizers prior to application, N-Edge® Soil creates an enhanced efficiency fertilizer for all crops, turf and forestry. The combination can be incorporated or applied pre-plant, side-dress or used for surface applications.

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