Protect your fertilizer investment against nitrogen loss

Did you know surface-applied urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers can lose up to 30 percent of their nitrogen content to ammonia volatilization? New N-Edge® nitrogen stabilizer from CHS protects your fertilizer investment, helping to ensure optimal nitrogen availability during critical growth stages for more consistent yield.

N-Edge® helps you fine-tune your fertility programs, reduce greenhouse gases, and grow more from every pound of fertilizer.

Reduce loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere

N-Edge® reduces nitrogen loss, providing a valuable window of time for rain, irrigation or incorporation to move fertilizer to the root zone before volatilization occurs

 N-Edge® reduces nitrogen loss in two ways:

  • Inhibits activity of the enzyme (urease) that breaks down urea
  • Slows the conversion of urea to ammonia gas 

Protecting against nitrogen loss is especially critical:

  • When fertilizer is surface applied, especially to moist soils
  • Under high crop residue such as reduced or no-till conditions
  • When warm temperatures, high soil pH, and other weather and field challenges lead to increased nitrogen loss at or near the soil surface

Superior formulation and stewardship

This advanced nitrogen stabilizer contains a penetrating agent that ensures its proven active ingredient, NBPT, spreads throughout the treated fertilizer granule for maximum effectiveness.

N-Edge® also provides superior handling because it dries faster, covers better, produces less dust and enables treated fertilizer to flow better. And the product’s bright green color makes it easy to see where treated fertilizer has been applied, helping to ensure nutrients are in the right place.

Improve nutrient management

N-Edge® nitrogen stabilizer increases the efficiency of urea or urea-containing fertilizers for all crops, turf and forestry by reducing nitrogen loss to the environment and increasing nutrient availability for plant growth.

N-Edge® enhanced efficiency fertilizer can be applied pre-plant, side-dress or used for surface applications.

N-Edge® may also be used with manure for field applications.

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