Corn Mix

CHS Rapid Up™ Corn Mix is a balanced formulation containing zinc and boron for foliar application on corn. It also contains manganese to improve photosynthesis after herbicide applications.

  1. Foliar fertilization is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilizer program and will not by itself, provide all the nutrients normally required by agriculture crops.
  2. Nitrogen breakdown is 2.30% ammoniacal and 2.70% urea nitrogen.

Nutrient Content (%) Guaranteed Analysis

Application Directions

  1. General Application Typical application rate is 2-5 lb of Corn Mix per acre applied as a foliar spray during the early vegetative stage (V-3 to V-6) of the plant. Additional applications may be made if signs of zinc deficiency are evident. Soil test or tissue tests should be used as a base reference.
  2.  Mixing Sequence- Mixing sequence must be Corn Mix first, Ammonium Sulfate or other compatibility agent and lastly any other product. (Each product must be allowed to mix completely before the addition of the next).

Package Size

25 lb bags

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