Excel from the start. Accelerate growth.

  • Increases yield potential
  • Drives faster, earlier growth in cold soils
  • Promotes root development
  • Enhances recovery from environmental stress
  • Extends production season
  • Advances maturity for earlier harvest
  • Produces drier corn
  • Boosts early or late planting

XLR-rate® liquid fertilizers: Critical plant nutrition for early growth and harvest.

It takes the right nutrition to raise crops that excel. You can accelerate your crop growth and drive higher yields and profits with XLR-rate® liquid fertilizers from CHS.

Research shows it pays to use starter fertilizers, even in fields that test high in fertility. That’s because important nutrients may not be available to your young crop due to cold soils, compaction and improper pH.

Get early green-up in colder, wet soils by fertilizing when and where the plant needs it most. Using XLR-rate promotes root development for a better stand, and it strengthens your crop during pre-productive growth stages to help overcome disease threats and adverse growing conditions.

Another payback is that 1-2% drier corn is common with starters high in phosphorus. You’ll save money on grain drying and possibly harvest a few days earlier.

Effective and affordable

With the right water-soluble N-P-K mix, young plants emerge stronger and move quickly through the vegetative stage, resulting in earlier, more uniform tasseling and drier, higher-yielding corn. Our effective, economical fertilizers deliver great value.

Seed- and plant-safe application

Place in-furrow or position 2×2 from the seed without fear of reduced germination. They can also be foliar applied without leaf damage concerns.

Easy to handle and use

There are no crystals, sediment or solid materials suspended in our liquids, and our products will not rust or corrode equipment.

Environmentally friendly

When banded in-furrow or near the seed, critical nutrients are easily absorbed by the roots – minimizing loss through leaching or runoff

Tested and reliable

Made from water-soluble raw materials, XLR-rate products deliver a consistent, fully available mixture in every drop. Our formulas are based on years of rigorous testing, including ongoing field trials.

Grow more with less

Achieve vigorous growth and yields at low cost. XLR-rate® liquid fertilizers from CHS can be safely used in close proximity to the seed, roots and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency. Banding XLR-rate also reduces nutrient stratification.

  • Chloride-free
  • Near neutral pH
  • Low salt index
  • 100% water soluble
  • 100% available nutrition
  • High in orthophosphates


Liquid starter fertilizers

XLR-rate® 7-23-5

XLR-rate® 2-17-17

Liquid foliar fertilizer

XLR-rate® 10-4

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