Nonionic Surfactant-based Basic Blend Adjuvant

CHS Axon® contains three key components that help to improve pesticide efficacy.

1. CHS Axon contains a nonionic surfactant that enhances spray coverage, retention and absorption.

2. CHS Axon contains ammonium ions that help to prevent salt antagonism of certain herbicides while also increasing uptake and translocation of the pesticide solution.

3. CHS Axon contains a pH buffer that raises the pH (or prevents it from being lowered).

  • Raising the pH enhances the solubility of many pesticides (especially sulfonylurea and imidazilinone).
  • Improves the mixability and allows herbicides to be more active and more readily taken in by the plant.

Principal Functioning Agents

Blend of nonionic surfactants, ammonium salts and buffering agents… 100%

Application Directions

Typical use rate is 1 gal/100 gal of spray

  • Use rate can range from 2-4 qt/100 gal depending on herbicide
  • See pesticide labels for more specific rates

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case, 275 gal, Repack

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