Nonionic Surfactant | Drift Control Agent | Deposition Aid

CHS Level Best™ meets the surfactant level requirements of most active ingredient labels in the industry that require or recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant (NIS). CHS Level Best is a superior deposition aid and significantly improves uniform coverage, adhesion and penetration of the active ingredient through waxy or weather-hardened cuticles. CHS Level Best is formulated with an AMS-FREE water conditioner which helps to prevent the loss of active ingredient efficacy that can occur when the mixing water is mineral saturated or of unknown quality.

It is recommended for use with a broad range of crops and non-crops when tank mixing active ingredients like glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

A defoamer is included for easier mixing.

  • Formulated for increased performance over that of a standard adjuvant program.
  • Significantly improves uptake, translocation, and efficacy of your herbicide.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use low use rate.

Principal Functioning Agents

A proprietary blend of Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, Poly(oxy-1,2 ethanediyl), .alpha.-undecyl-. omega.-hydroxy-, Polyoxyethylene tallow amine… 80%

Constituents ineffective as an adjuvant… 20%

TOTAL… 100%

Application Directions

  • Herbicides- 1-3 qt/100 gal

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case, 275 gal

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