Nonionic Surfactant | Water Conditioning Agent | Deposition Aid | Drift Control Agent

CHS Trapline™ Pro is the industry’s most advanced adjuvant system combining nonionic surfactants, water conditioning agents, deposition and drift management aids and defoamer.

  • Improves the performance of glyphosate and many other herbicides that require or recommend surfactant.
  • Improves water conditioning, deposition, and drift management along with reducing foam.
  • Ensures on-target applications to reduce liability, customer complaints, and crop loss.

CHS Trapline Pro is a unique, all-in-one adjuvant possessing cutting-edge features and an unparalleled use rate, that provides unmatched convenience and simplicity for its users.

CHS Trapline Pro can be used with a wide range of pesticide spray mixtures when accompanying labels recommend surfactants, water conditioners and deposition aids and drift control agents.


CHS Trapline Pro does not contain ammonium sulfate or acidify the spray solution and is compatible with a wide array of herbicides including those that contain glyphosate, dicamba, 2,4-D and many others. Humidome trials with CHS Trapline Pro have demonstrated minimal or no impact on pesticide volatility and wind tunnel trials with CHS Trapline Pro have demonstrated reduced fine droplet formation from most pesticide spray solutions.

  • All-in-One adjuvant.
  • Unparalleled low use rate.
  • Ensures on target application, mitigating risk for your ease of mind.

Principal Functioning Agents

Water conditioners, surfactants, defoamer, drift management agents, and inert ingredients… 100%

Application Directions

Typical use rate is 2 qt/100 gal of water

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case, 275 gal, Bulk

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