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CHS Wheelhouse® Pro will help to alleviate antagonism from hard water impurities such as iron, calcium, magnesium and other impurities in the spray solution.

CHS Wheelhouse Pro will:

  • Maintain certain pesticides, such as glyphosate, in their most active form
  • Increase pesticide absorption into plants with a combination of: Improved droplet coverage and canopy penetration. Slowed droplet drying.


CHS Wheelhouse Pro contains tallow amine, the industry’s most effective surfactant to improve the biological activity of glyphosate and other herbicides. This surfactant is proven across millions of acres to increase herbicide uptake and maximize effectiveness of your application.

CHS Wheelhouse Pro can be used with a wide range of pesticide spray mixtures when accompanying labels recommend water conditioners and spreader-wetter adjuvants.

CHS Wheelhouse Pro does not contain ammonium sulfate or acidify the spray solution and is compatible with a wide array of herbicides including those that contain glyphosate, dicamba, 2,4-D and many others. CHS Wheelhouse Pro has demonstrated minimal or no impact on pesticide volatility and wind tunnel trials have demonstrated that CHS Wheelhouse Pro does not increase fine droplet formation from most pesticide spray solutions.


  • Unsurpassed water conditioner.
  • Industry-leading surfactant proven across millions of acres.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use application rate

Principal Functioning Agents

Sodium tricarballylate, alkyl polyglucoside, tallow amine ethoxylate, urea… 37.7%

Other Ingredients… 62.3% 


Application Directions

  • Typical use rate is 2 qt/100 gal of water
  • Use rate may range from 1-4 qt/100 gal of water, depending on herbicide active ingredients with which it is applied

Package Size

2×2.5 gal case, 265 gal, Bulk

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